DiNOLA CONSTRUCTION CONSULTING (DCC) specializes in providing construction consulting services to growing companies that may currently have limited in-house resources to tackle the everyday issues that may arise.

We assist as needed with Estimating, Construcibility, Project Management, Claims, Recruitment and IT during all phases:  from planning/design, preconstruction, procurement and construction to project commissioning and closeout.

DCC can provide resources to assist you with the following:


Pre-Construction & Estimating Services

  • Conceptual/Schematic Estimating
  • Quantitative Estimates
  • Construction Document Review
  • Value engineering and analysis
  • Contractor/Vendor prequalification & selection
  • Scope of Work Coordination
  • Bid Package Preparation
  • Bid review and tabulation
  • Buyout/Procurement
  • Preliminary Schedule 
  • Bonding/Insurance Review


Constructibility Review

  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Risk Management
  • Order of Magnitude Budgeting
  • Means and Methods
  • Construction Document Review
  • Jurisdictional Compliance Review


Project Management

  • Contract Preparation/Review
  • Scheduling
  • Submittal Management/Document Control
  • Establish Site Logistics/Area Use Plan
  • SSHO and QCS Plans
  • Cost Control/Project Financial Management
  • Change Order Management 
  • Respond to Requests for Proposals and Field Orders (RFP’s and FO)
  • Review/Prepare Request for Information (RFI’s)
  • Contract Compliance Requirements
  • Cash Flow Projections
  • Schedule of Values and Requisitions for Payment
  • Invoice Review and Coding
  • Project Closeout Procedures


Claims Mitigation

  • Provide notice and effective communication
  • Compile correspondence and documentation
  • Compile Costs and Complete Estimates
  • Time Impact Analysis (TIA)
  • Forensics analysis


Staffing and Recruitment

  • Evaluate your needs
  • Source Qualified Team Members
  • Screen and Interview
  • Check Refrences


Construction Information Technology and Infrastructure

  • Evaluate Hardware and Software Systems and recommend upgrades
  • Network Management and Monitorings
  • Job site setup
  • Monthly Maintanance
  • Web Design
  • Help Desk
  • Disaster Recovery